My ELC Review

Anna Anthropy's The Hunt for the Gay Planet is an awesome piece of digital literature. Being able to select one of several options at the end of each scene provides a unique reading experience. Due to this structure, one person can experience the same piece in multiple ways by re-reading and choosing different options each time. This story could be transferred to print, but I believe that it would lose something in the translation.

Choose-your-own-adventure print novels are not a new concept, so the structure could certainly be re-created in print. However, there are bright colors, graphics, and dynamic movement in this piece that cannot be captured as well if printed out. For example, after the introduction, the reader is brought to a title page where the text bounces vertically in a fun and dynamic way. Also, the act of clicking a hyperlink to pick your next section is more immediate and interactive compared to flipping to the specified page in a printed novel.

I think the author successfully uses color to create a certain mood, contributing significantly to the impact of the piece overall. The color choice and contrast are imaginative and modern, and they help place the reader in a world of space travel. She also uses movement of the text, which I found quite enjoyable. The text of the hyperlinks changes as you click it, which I thought was also a fun interactive feature.